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Anmyna Sleeping Mask 

���� 20 cubes in one dreamy package~ 

����  can be used as sleeping mask or normal mask 

����  a small cube can be used 2-3 times 

����  non-oily and non-greasy 
���� moisturizing and repairing

Anmyna Cherry Blossom Repairing Mask �� �� contains precious extract obtained from the cherry blossom  ��  an unique cherry blossom extract that can deeply nourishes the skin, at the same time brightens our skin tone, and moisturizes our skin

�� Anmyna  Cherry Blossom Repairing   Mask . After wash face just apply it and sleep. The day after in the morning just normal wash out and u will feel very moisturise and smooth. �� 

一盒多达20个 一个可用2-3次
如此好康护肤还等什么 �� 
超级补水哦! 再懒都能用 �� ��

�� 安米娜 ��樱花 ��修复面膜 ��可以 ��
• 改善肤质,平衡油脂分泌
• 淡化黑色素沉淀,还原美白功效
• 改善粉刺,青春痘及青春痘所造成的浅层凹疤
• 改善肌肤的干燥,粗糙现象
• 刺激胶原纤维增生改善细纹及皱纹
• 缩小毛孔,改善毛孔过度角化之异常现象

这是一款会爆水珠 �� 的面膜,当免洗睡眠面膜,或水洗面膜都ok!瞬间补水,  滋养肌肤,紧致毛孔,修复痘印,多重功效,仅需一颗安米  娜樱花萃取修复面膜 ��