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ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream –ANMYNA安米娜氣墊CC霜

RM 99.00 RM 128.00

Benefits of ANMYNA Cushion CC Cream

Full isolation of ultraviolet rays, dust, computer radiation and other harmful substances, to prevent harm to the skin.

Moisturizing primer, millions of water storage powder core contains a unique activity of moisturizing complex, so looking finish more moist

Modified makeup, brighten the skin gloss, concealer black, yellowish, pale, dull and other unsightly color, make makeup look like a bare makeup.

SPF30 with the SPF to form a protective film, moisturizing the skin.


  • 全面隔离紫外线,灰尘,电脑辐射等有害物质,防止对皮肤造成伤害
  • 保湿打底,百万储水粉芯蕴含独特活性保湿复合体,让底妆更润泽
  • 修饰妆容,提亮肌肤光泽感,遮瑕发黑,偏黄,苍白,暗淡等不雅观的肤色,令妆容自然似裸妆
  • 具备SPF30的防晒指数,形成保护膜,润泽肌肤