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ANMYNA No Silicone Oil Luxury Hair Shampoo and Silky Hair Conditioner安米娜无硅油奢华洗发乳和丝滑护发精华素

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Benefits of ANMYNA No Silicone Oil Luxury Hair Shampoo and Silky Hair Conditioner

  • Safe to use, consist of non-clogging silicone oil, and won't have any damage to your hair.
  • Clean, Betaine unclog pores cuticle, no. 1 in cleaning power
  • Water replenishment, Amino acid whitening and improve immunity of head skin
  • Full of nutrition, insert plant protein on your hair to build a tough hair core
  • Green color coconut oil with effective hair conditioner, restore hair shine
  • Endorsement by Superstar Chen Qiao En
  • Environment friendly, using petg food-grade bottle
  • Can use the butterfly knot to decorate your hair
  • Great deal. One bottle of 520ml can last up-to 3 months for family of three
  • Suitable for pregnant ladies and kids
  • Double protection on hair scalp and hair
  • Repair damage scalp
  • Clean and deep nourish hair follicles
  • Provide nutrients that needed by the hair
  • Protecting hair in any environment
  • Strengthen the hair and reduces hair fall
  • Effectively repair damage hair
  • Reduce frizzy hairs, split ends and dry hair problem


  • 安全使用,由非堵塞硅油组成,不会对您的头发造成任何损伤。
  • 清洁,甜菜碱疏松毛孔角质层。
  • 补水,氨基酸美白,提高头皮免疫力
  • 充满营养,插入植物蛋白质在你的头发构建一个坚韧的头发核心
  • 绿色椰子油有效护发素,恢复头发光泽
  • 超级明星陈乔恩的认可
  • 环保,使用petg食品级瓶
  • 可以使用蝴蝶结装饰你的头发
  • 适合怀孕女士和孩子
  • 双头保护头发和头发
  • 修复损伤头皮
  • 清洁和深层滋养的毛囊
  • 提供头发需要的营养
  • 在任何环境中保护头发
  • 加强头发,减少头发掉落
  • 有效修复损伤的头发
  • 减少卷曲的头发,分叉和干燥的头发问题