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Anmyna shower gel+body spa lotion安米娜魅惑沐浴露+身体乳配套

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Anmyna shower gel+body spa lotion安米娜魅惑沐浴露+身体乳配套


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The ANMYNA showel gel whose raw materials are extracted out of the essence of the natural herbaceous peony, which containing the polypeptide nursing elements.

The unique pro-skin recipe is mild and refreshing, producing abundant foams to effectively cleansing the filth and redundant grease in the skin. 
Besides, its whitening recipe to make skin regain the natural white.

After using it, you will emit the long time and dignified aroma and stay refreshing, seeming to be soaked in the natural flowers in every bath!

【 Anmyna SPA Fragrant Body Lotion �] effectively improve dry skin, moisturizing moisture for 24 hours � make skin tender smooth and elastic, emanate charming breath, thoroughly relax � still don't start now? The hands and feet are dry wipe again body milk be too late? � 【anmyna 香氛身体乳】lotion来的哦� �24小时保湿 味道好香好香� �长期在office做工的你必备� �修复干裂受损肌肤�