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ANMYNA Skincare Toner安米娜安肌之水150ml

RM 105.00 RM 118.00

Benefits of ANMYNA Skincare Toner

  • Firming: to improve skin tightness, bring pulling effect
  • Gloss: reduce dull skin, water problems, enhance the gloss and light transmittance
  • Whiteness: Blemish eliminate black, to create white skin
  • Anti-wrinkle: to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by lack of water
  • Smoothness: shrink pores, improve skin moisture, improve skin texture


  • 緊致度:提高肌膚緊致度,帶來提拉效果
  • 光澤度:減少肌膚暗沈、缺水問題,提升光澤度和透光度
  • 白皙度:淡斑祛黑,打造白皙皮膚
  • 抗皺度:減少因為缺水造成的細紋和皺紋
  • 光滑度:縮小毛孔,提高肌膚保濕度,改善膚質