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ANMYNA Supple and Silky Shampoo 520ml安米娜柔顺丝滑洗发乳

RM 99.00 RM 118.00

Benefits of ANMYNA Supple and Silky Shampoo

  • Nourishing your hair with all the nutrients and minerals
  • Replenished nutrients loss by your hair
  • Reduces hair damage and strengthen your hair
  • Allowing your hair to shine healthily
  • Capable to balance the water and oil ratio in your scalp
  • Effectively reduce excess oil produce
  • Stayed fragrant all day long.


  • 用所有的营养和矿物质滋养你的头发
  • 补充你的头发营养素损失
  • 减少头发损伤,加强你的头发
  • 让你的头发健康闪亮
  • 能够平衡头皮中的水和油比
  • 有效减少多余的石油产量
  • 整天保持香味。