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Korean Anmyna Red Ginseng mouth wash安米娜韩国红参漱口水

RM 26.00

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ANMYNA Mint & Green Tea Whitening Toothpaste:
🌿Kill bacteria in mouth
🌿Wounds healing
🌿Diminish inflammations 
🌿Whitening and strengthening teeth
🌿Cleansing purpose

ANMYNA Red Ginseng Mouthwash:
⭐️Kill germs that lead to bad breath, plague and gum disease
⭐️Prevent oral cavities
⭐️Prevent tooth decay
⭐️Prevent bleeding gum
⭐️Prevent gum disease
⭐️Reduce plague and tartar formation
⭐️Freshen breath

bad breath Killer 
Anmyna Red Ginseng mouth wash

100% import from Korea 
Does not contain preservatives and alcohol free
A great product suit pregnant lady n confinement mummy

1 box 20pack only rm59 
1box rm59 Add On rm8 can get fresh mint toothpaste 
2 box Rm98 free fresh mint toothpaste

🌿 安米娜韩国红参漱口水———— 

安米娜新品漱口水是采用韩国著名的红参制作的  价格也绝对是平民价 市场上也绝对找不到用韩国红参制作的漱口水 💕 




  二盒韩国红参漱口水40条 FREE一支薄荷绿茶药膏 RM98

💯Made In Korea 