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Lavi Senjo PH5.0 私密洗护液 [100ml/支]

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Lavi Senjo PH5.0 私密洗护液 [100ml/支]

LAVI SENJO Woman's holy things, man's gospel. Note slightly   Are Having such trouble as below? vaginal getting loose after give birth (vaginal itching uncomfortable, abnormal vaginal discharge, smell unpleasant, gynecological problems miserable)
Antibacterial  Sensitive  anti-woman disease  conditioning hormones  protect the vagina health  Relieve menopause  improve the circulatory system  improve lower body health  relieve pressure  Clean cells to improve allergies
PH5.0 does not hurt private partsLAVI SENJO husband and wife can be use together Question: Men also need to use private parts care solution?Answer: Yes, needed. sedentary = long time to face the computer, private parts by extrusion. movement out of private places = secretions for the bacteria to provide breeding conditions. love intimacy = cross-infection to each other. wear tight pants = private parts close to wet, easy to filth, breeding bacteria.
Did you know the benefits of lavender essential oil? Lavender Aromatic Oil is a good skin care agent Lavender aromatherapy can be used to treat minor burns and cuts. Lavender essential oil can very well improve the dry skin and skin inflammation symptoms   

原料澳洲 �100%纯天然�

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