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Lornrna Rose Valley Tea洛安娜玫瑰谷花茶30g

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🌹Lornrna Rose Valley 🌹

❄️Selected roses are picked at 9 am in May and June and then dried into rose tea. With advantaged growing conditions, roses from Lornrna RoseValley are big, pink, beautiful and fragrant.
Modern technology can not only preserve the beautiful shape of roses but also their highest nutrient value.

Lornrna Rose Tea is a blooming type of rose tea 🌹. It is also a beauty tea that's suitable for girls 👩

🔺 Improve complexion
🔺 Lubricate the skin
🔺 Get rid of fat
🔺 Relieve menstrual pain
🔺 Improve endocrine disorders

Get one per day, and enjoy your life 💕

洛安娜玫瑰花茶 性温,具有帮助睡眠,养颜美容,新陈代谢,排忧。
洛安娜玫瑰花茶🌹上班时间 时常要对着电脑 视力和精神都会减低 还有加上电脑辐射☢️的伤害 不保护自己 很快就会老了哦!上班时 不妨来杯玫瑰花茶🌹提神养颜呗😘