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Natural Grain天然谷粮 (550GM) Nutrition Drink For ALL AGE

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natural grain天然谷粮

Natural Grain + Nutrition Drink 550g Australia Formulated Natural Grain + is a nutritional drink made using carefully selected 31 kinds of high-quality beans and cereals with combination of red beet root, soy lecithin and calcium, which rich in high-quality vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals. It helps replenish and provide the nutrients needed for proper daily body function. It is easy to carry and convenient to consume at any time. It smells nice, looks appetizing and tastes delicious! Why choose Natural Grain +? - No preservatives - 100% Natural - No colouring - Lactose free - Refined sugar free Quality Assurance: International food safety and quality management certification Approved by KKM HACCP & GMP certified ISO22000, ISO9001 MESTI LOGO Ingredients: Made by using 31 grains and beans through extrusion and peeling to be made into powder form Organic soy , lutein, brown rice , oatmeal flour, oat bran , red beet , organic barley , red wheat , black beans, mung beans, red beans , black rice, barley , sorghum, rice , oats, organic wheat , Pearl Millet , organic millet, psyllium husk , almonds , etc . 3 types of plant based Ingredients can solve the problem of 8.8 million Malaysians who are suffering from high blood cholesterol. B-Glucan Soyo Lecithin Fibersol 2 Precious Ingredient: Lutein :- 6 major effect on the eye 1. Protect the retina, to ensure visual clarity 2. Improve vision 3. Prevent glaucoma 4. Delay cataracts 5. Prevent myopia 6. Lower macular degeneration Other function of Lutein:- 1. Antioxidant Lutein can inhibit activity of the active oxygen free radicals, prevent active oxygen damage to normal cells . Secondly , lutein also protects the body from injury by physical or chemical action , and enhance the body's immunity . 2. Anti-cancer effect Lutein can inhibit a variety of cancers , such as breast cancer , prostate cancer , colorectal cancer , skin cancer. Lutein intake in the diet not only can inhibit neoplasms may even play a role in cancer prevention . Efficacy: - Promote breastfeeding - Pregnancy blood - Protect the heart - Improve the growth of beneficial bacteria - Improve sleep - Improve gastrointestinal function - Anti-cancer , anti-oxidation - Prevention of cardiovascular disease - Improve memory and concentration - Lowering blood pressure , lowering blood sugar - Improve physiological menstrual pain and menopausal problems - Contribute to the development of children 's teeth and bones - Protect the retina , to ensure visual clarity - Improve vision, prevent glaucoma , improve eye fatigue - Delaying cataract , high myopia prevention of complications - Reduce macular degeneration , disease - Prevention of skin sensitive , tender skin , improve skin Package:- 550g / unit Method of use:- Add two teaspoons into 150-180ml of warm or hot water, and that is the perfect cup of healthy cereals! Recommended for: 1.Irregular meal time individual. 2.Restore and boost nutritional intake, such as: picky eaters or unhealthy eating practice, those who have the difficulty in chewing food, patients, elderly, pregnant women, nursing mother. 3.Children nutritional drink to enhance brain development, help in improving memory and learning ability.4.Those who want to control weight and calories intake.5.Those who diagnoses with chronic disease, diabetes , high blood pressure, high blood fat, atherosclerosis.6.Those who wants to increase fiber intake and have constipation problem. 新升级版天然谷粮 Natural Grain+ (丰富营养餐)欧洲配方 天然谷粮是一种营养餐,采用精挑细选的31种优质豆谷物,并综合了红甜菜根、大豆卵磷脂与钙质配制而成,富含高品质的植物蛋白质、碳水化合物、氨基酸、脂肪、矿物质 及多种维他命,帮助提供及补充人体所需的营养素,是我们每日所需的营养餐饮品。它方便携带,不论早、午、晚都是首选的保健补助营养餐饮品。它闻起来香,看起来靓,喝起来更爽!! 成份: 《经过膨化及去皮的31综合豆谷粉》 有机大豆, 叶黄素,糙米,麦片粉,燕麦糠,红甜菜,有机大麦,红小麦,黑豆,绿豆,红扁豆,黑糯米,薏仁,高梁米,燕麦,有机小麦,珍珠米,有机小米,洋车前子,杏仁,等等。 3种植物性成分帮助大马880万胆固醇过高者解决了当下的烦恼: B 葡聚糖 B-Glucan 大豆卵磷脂 Soya Lecithin 珍贵成份: 叶黄素对眼睛的6大功效 1. 保护视网膜、确保视觉清晰 2. 增进视力 3. 预防青光眼 4. 延缓白内障的发生 5. 预防高度近视后遗症 6. 降低黄斑部退化、病变 叶黄素的其它功效 1. 抗氧化。 叶黄素可以抑制活性氧自由基的活性,阻止活性氧自由基对正常细胞的破坏。其次,叶黄素还可通过物理或化学作用保护机体免受伤害,增强机体的免疫能力。 2. 抗癌作用。 叶黄素对多种癌症有抑制作用,如乳腺癌、前列腺癌、直肠癌、皮肤癌等。在膳食中摄人叶黄素不仅能抑制肿癌甚至可以起到预防肿瘤发生的作用。 功效: - 促进母乳 - 孕期补血 - 保护心脏 - 提高益菌生长 - 改善睡眠 - 改善肠胃功能 - 抗癌、抗氧化 - 预防心血管疾病 - 提高记忆力和专注力 - 降血脂、降血压、降血糖 - 改善生理经痛和更年期问题 - 有助于小孩牙齿和骨骼的发育 - 保护视网膜、确保视觉清晰 - 增进视力,预防青光眼,改善眼睛疲劳 - 延缓白内障的发生,预防高度近视后遗症, - 降低黄斑部退化、病变 - 预防皮肤敏感,皮肤嫩滑,改善皮肤 包装:550g/罐 建议泡法: 加入两茶匙150-180毫升的温水或热水冲泡,就是一杯健康完美的谷粮。 适用对象: 1.食无定时者 2.需要补充营养者, 如:偏食或不良饮食习惯者,有困难咀嚼食物者,病人,老年人,孕妇,哺乳中的母亲 3.需要营养补充品的小孩—此营养补助饮料能促进大脑神经系统的发育,帮助增强记忆力和学习能力 4.想要控制体重和卡路里摄取的人 5.慢性病人、糖尿病、高血压病、高脂血症、动脉硬化者 6.要增加纤维摄取量,有便秘问题者 - 佣有国际食品安全及品质管理认证 - 大马KKM - HACCP &GMP认证 - ISO22000 , ISO9001 - MESTI LOGO - 无防腐剂 - 纯天然 - 无造色素 - 不含乳糖 - 无精炼糖