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Nutrinal Bone & Hair Care Deer / Mores Collagen

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Morse's Collagen Mollusk Dietary Supplements 

Key Ingredients 

Collagen from fish 10,000 mg 

L - glutamine 2000 mg 

L - arginine 1000 mg of 

extract, acerola cherries 250 mg 

L - Glutathione 250 mg 

LA. - the Cisco Terminal E, 190 mg 

glycine 100 mg 

extract of bilberry 60 mg of 

alpha lipoic 40 mg of 

coenzyme Q 30 milligrams 

of pine bark extract, 20 mg 

Ascorbate Arabic. acid, 20 mg of 

zinc amino acid Keno game. The 15 mg 

Dosage Dissolve 1 product in normal or cold water 100-150 ml. Use spoon to dissolve. 

Warning Read warning on label before consumption.

Net weight 15 grams x 15 pack 


Calcium Nutritional Supplement is an important component of bone and teeth. The value of cartilage, shark, magnesium, L-arginine and vitamin D. Nourish joints and bones. Available in powder form. Easy to eat 

How to eat 

Take 1 pouch a day in plain water or 120-150 ml cold water. Drink before breakfast. 

Warning: Read the label warnings before consuming. 

Net 15 grams x 15 envelopes.