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NUTRINAL nano-organic active protein fertilizer water新科技产品“纳米有机活性蛋白肥水

RM 240.00 RM 250.00


New technology products, "nano-organic active protein fertilizer water"
In Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Liao, and Myanmar, "1" negative rating has never been obtained for 4 years of use (almost 7 months in Malaysia and 1 in more than 7 months "A bad review is not, and the performance is quite scary 🤗)
👍 per bottle of pre-use range of 10 acres
👍 reduce costs
👍 increase production
👍 very high mineral
👍 simple and convenient to use
👍 vitamin B1
👍 no chemical composition
👍 touchable (have tried to drink at the entrance)
👍 insecticidal effect (insects eat it after it will be shut down the respiratory system to achieve insecticidal effect)
👍 help plant detoxification (if you have used chemicals before)
👍 give the plant full nutrition
👍 let plants back to life
👍 through nutrition to give plants more rapid growth