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Sante FX NEO眼药水 Sante FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops Eyedrops 12ml

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【Sante FX NEO眼药水12ml 】

【Sante FX Neo Cooling Eye Drops Eyedrops 12ml 】

SANTE FX NEO是针对消除眼睛充血以及眼睛疲劳非常有效的一款眼药水,而且FX NEO超级五级强劲的清凉感会让你的眼睛从表面整个扩张开来,令你的双眼瞬间感觉精神百倍。SANTE FX NEO能有效地去除红血丝,并且抑制紫外线造成的眼部炎症(雪盲等);使用范围:裸眼,请摘除隐形眼睛后使用。

 😸这个店主超爱❤️用,本人眼睛已属高度近视之四眼人,为了找两餐,必须每天对着电子产品, 眼睛经常疲惫不堪😩,眼压超高的😳😳,这款眼药水就变成我的救星了😜!一滴去疲劳可快速解除了👍👍!而且对红了的眼睛更是明显见効,不是开玩笑哦!😱😱


"Sante FX Neo 12ml" fastens the tissue metabolism of tired eyes. This works for tired and/or congested eyes.

This has strong freshness, and your eyes can feel freshness from surface. This is recommended to use when your eyes need refreshness.

Tiredness of eyes is related to too much burden on eyes.

*Package might be changed without any notification. Please understand in advance.

Effect: Tired eyes, conjunctival injection, itchy eyes, prevention of eye disease (after swimming, after dust or sweat coming into your eyes, etc), ophthalmitis caused by UV and other rays (snow blindness, etc), bleariness (when you have lots of gums), blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids), unconfortability when you put hard contact lens

Dosage and Administration:

2-3drops per once, 5-6times per day

Component and Quantity:

Neostigmine methylsulfate 0.005%, recovering tired eyes by recoverinng focus adjustment function.

Aminoethylsulfonic acid (taurine) 1.0%, activating tissue metabolism of eyes.

Potassium L-aspartate 1.0%,improving tissue respiration of eyes.

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%, preveneting conjunctival hyperemia.

Chlorpheniramine meleate 0.03%, controlling act of histamine, and preventing infection and itchiness of eyes.

Epsilon aminocaproic acid 1.0%, preventing the produce of elements which cause the eye problem.

 As the additive, Benzalkonium chloride, Chlorobutanol, Boric acid, d-borneol, dl-camphor, I-menthol, PH regulator are included.

Attention *please keep the following important points

(1) When you use this too much, you may feel extraordinal glitz, or may have congestion.

(2) Please let children use this under supervisor's protection and instruction.

(3) Please don't touch your eyelids and eyelashes to package. Please don't use the cloudy.

(4) Please don't use this when you wear soft contact lens.

(5) Please use this only for ophthalmic.